Why Real Estate Entrepreneurs Want To Work With Frank Miller, The CEO Of SimplifyREI

Frank Miller is the 23 year old founder of SimplifyREI, an application designed to automate lead management and increase profitability for real estate entrepreneurs. He is originally from New Jersey and is currently based in Tampa, Florida.

Making A Name For Yourself

While Miller can’t say whether he has made a name for himself in the industry as of yet, he’s aware he has built his name into one that can be trusted by the people he has worked with thus far. If his name comes to be known for anything, he hopes it is for that trust along with the honesty and transparency that he brings to every interaction he’s a part of.

Obstacles Faced

Miller realized early on that building a business required sacrifices that he had to make on his own. Isolation was one of those sacrifices. Because the success he wanted to reach could only be obtained with complete focus and dedication, isolating himself played a very large and crucial part in getting to where he is now.

Overcoming Obstacles

Like most people, Miller had to overcome his own personal obstacles as well. Staying home for 8 months straight to get his business off the ground certainly put a strain on his social life and personal relationships which forced him to find unique ways to combat these obstacles. He had to constantly remind himself that anything he sacrificed wouldn’t seem even a fraction as important once he got to the position he wanted to be in. This consistent affirmation has seemed to ring true as he now feels that he is able to enjoy the freedom of using his time any which way he decides.


To those just starting out, Miller recommends constantly thinking about where you want to be and knowing that you can get there. He believes that having faith in yourself can bring a sense of confidence to your life which will serve you throughout your professional, and personal, endeavours.




Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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Johnny Medina

Johnny Medina

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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