The Success Anatomy of Professional Day Trader Jason Byers!

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3 min readFeb 21, 2022
Jason Byers Day Trader

Jason Byers is known for being an active day trader and mentor. He went from being a nobody who hit rock bottom at the young age of 17 to becoming one of the youngest most successful profitable day traders. By the time Jason was 19 he was responsible for multiple 6 figure months in day trading.

Obstacles Faced

Although Jason is young, he has experienced many things throughout his lifetime. He was more or less self taught in countless different things, that itself was already an obstacle. Naturally, as a beginner he was terrible at risk management, which led him to blow up his account and lose everything he had previously gained. Another key struggle he had to experience was the fact he had little to no support in his journey of pursuing his dreams. Byers came from a traditional family and they did not like the fact that he had dropped out of college without a set plan of what’s to come next. The last obstacle he really struggled with was forcing an opportunity and swinging for the fence. Byers states “I wanted to ‘get rich quick’, gambling on certain penny stocks, and not locking in profits.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Jason was able to overcome these obstacles he faced by never skipping a day of watching the markets. Even if it meant having all late classes in college, taking the night shifts at work, or simply analyzing how the market performed at the end of the day. He started to trade using winning ratios and planning his trade before entry. Byers followed up with this by saying “A minimum 2 to 1 winning ratio, meaning if I’m willing to risk $100 then I should look to take profits at $200! I stuck to my dream and perfected my craft.” After this, Byers mentioned how his parents saw what he was truly capable of and they became his biggest supporters, especially his father. Lastly, he explains the one final thing that allowed him to overcome his struggles “I focused on consistency, I focused on 1% a day.. Just 1%! Due to compounding interest I saw a 2,000% gain on my overall account!”

Inspiration To Success

Inspiration is what gives us the drive to motivation, allowing people to succeed. Many people find external ways that give them inspiration and hold onto that inorder to get by. Although, unlike many people, nothing inspired Byers. He didn’t search and find some reason to give him motivation to go after something, but rather he naturally was chasing success by his own will. Jason believes it’s in his DNA, as he was born for success, something he knew from an early age. Nothing was ever a matter of “if” for someone like him, it was a matter of “when”, as he knew he would reach his goals one way or another.

Achievements Throughout Entrepreneurial Journey

Jason’s single greatest achievement throughout his entrepreneurial journey is carrying his friends to success. To be able to confidently say that everyone in his inner circle are like-minded successful individuals is a great accomplishment, not everyone is able to say that for themselves. He did this by showing his friends exactly how he did it and sharing his secrets to success. Byers is still currently doing that with his students! He believes it would be incredibly selfish to keep all the hidden secrets to success to himself rather than helping others reach the same level of greatness. If he is completely honest with himself, he is aware of the fact that it is no fun to be the only successful one within your friend group. Jason ends this by expressing “ If I’m making $1,000s daily and they are working a job for an hourly wage or salary I’m doing something wrong.”



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