The Story Of This 7-Figure Entrepreneur; Tyler Webster.

Tyler Webster is among the people whose stories can change the world. He is a source of inspiration to this generation, having battled PTSD since he was 15 years old. He has failed and failed, but he has still thrived despite being slapped by unavoidable situations.

It started when 2 men tortured his mom, father, 5 year old niece, and himself at gunpoint for over an hour in his childhood home. Being defenseless, he was traumatized, and from there, the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder started. Despite the condition, he went to college, and he was like any other student. However, he was more broke than the average student because his family had recently gone from wealth toward the path of poverty. The home invasion led to Tyler recently becoming a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment when he developed severe late onset PTSD. He now owns Instagram @2ndamendment, pretty ironic!

Lecturing The Professor

He was a graphic design enthusiast even before joining college. His first client was Gildan. He designed the largest T-shirt giveaway in all clubs at Panama City Beach on spring break. He remembers even after some years; he would meet people wearing T-shirts designed by him. He had taught himself the skill since he was 14 years old, and being passionate about it made him master it even better. There was a silver lining to this tragedy he endured. He stayed in his room constantly afraid to get out most days because he would see those invaders in his living room every time he walked past it. He would learn on the computer day after day to escape from reality.

Tyler then ventured into the business world right before he was to begin college. Plank Responsibly was his first company. It was a social platform where people would share planking photos around the time the planking craze began and it was taking off fast. Tyler was banned from his university’s campus for putting a sticker on a statue and planking on it to promote his new business, which ironically he was related to the man on the statue. After making headlines and many meetings with judicial affairs he was reinstated to begin his college career. The publicity gave him some fame, he was all over the news, interviews, and newspaper features. This motivated Tyler to begin college with dreams of becoming a graphic designer with a minor in marketing.

Shortly after starting college and Plank Responsibly failing, Tyler started his second business, @drunkamerica. The platform grew into a political platform and apparel store. He grew to 5 figures, then 6 figures while still in college. Before Tyler left college he made his biggest sales yet on his apparel store generating more than $1 million in sales. Tyler now has over a million followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and his personal instagram @tylerrwebster.

Tyler remembers a day in college when he went to class, and he had to teach his professor some concepts in photoshop. He felt so inspired, and it dawned on him that college was not adding value to his life and his PTSD made it hard for him to attend class a lot of days anyways. He never attended classes again and eventually the college would dismiss him due to his grades from not showing up to class. Tyler decided it was time to pursue Drunk America full time instead.

The Dark Years of PTSD

His illness was becoming serious at that time, and he was in and out of the hospital with many failed suicide attempts. Nothing seemed to improve for Tyler. He was into substance abuse and was slowly giving up with life. All of a sudden, Tyler was broke again! Tyler went from living the life at a young age in college to bankrupt at 27 years old thinking he’d never be successful like he always dreamed.

For 2 years, he stayed in that dark situation where he was surviving on the mercies of his relatives and friends. One day as a friend came visiting him, he was asked to join their team — he knew Tyler had the potential. Tyler reluctantly agreed, and for 6 months, he hardly had the motivation to work. He would miss a lot of days due to the late nights of partying and substance abuse just trying to ease the pain he was feeling everyday.

Chris Benson, the ‘friend’ that knew Tyler had the potential, was always motivating him and reminding him of his abilities. They were working together in Benson’s company, Actually, they were sharing an office together for a whole year. This completely changed Tyler’s life.

Slowly, his morale was being restored. Chris Benson and Jacob York, the Founder of, were his mentors. They had lifted his spirits another time, and he was now trying business one more time.

To Grow, You Ought To Help Others

He launched some business, and some performed so poorly that he wanted to abandon entrepreneurship completely. However, after persevering some more months, the businesses were bringing in some reasonable revenue. He continued pushing on with the help of his mentors. Tyler has generated over $300k since his bankruptcy January 2020. 6 months later Tyler is on track to a 7 figure year between his businesses.

The latest launch being He did not believe that his idea -which he held for 4 years before launching- would generate 1 million impressions in the first 3 months. He is hiring college students that aspire to be in the political sector and guiding them in hopes he can make sure n o one goes down the path he did. He remembers that his mentor, Chris Benson, told him that the way to grow is to give back and help people. Tyler is doing exactly that.

His confidence is back to a point that he is even motivating young people. He says that they should keep trying and failing, trying and failing. Tyler Truly believes failure leads to success. One of his favorite quotes is by Elon Musk, it states, “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing you’re not innovating”. He has been working as an Influencer helping people as he spread his opinions to the world. Tyler has now overcome his PTSD and depression, he is working on becoming a public speaker and launching a podcast and Youtube in hopes to help anyone out there that thinks they are lost with no way out. Nothing fulfills Tyler more than helping others and now beyond running his businesses, he has made that his next goal.

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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