The Inside Story Behind 20 year Old Entrepreneur; Khamall Dunigan

Most people have a notion that you will become a hardworking person when you become an adult. Maybe with some responsibilities and certain occupations. This is not the case for the young serial entrepreneur, Khamall Dunigan. He is no stranger to hard work. The 20-year-old, Detroit native, now lives in Orlando, Florida. He is a part of an underground group of entrepreneurs offering massive value and mentorship all over the world. They have been providing the blueprint towards breaking the chains of financial slavery and gaining access to financial freedom.

As a young, knowledgeable guy, Khamall is also attending Full Sail University where he is studying Digital Cinematography intending to create a disrupting Media Content Agency in North America.

The Main Objective

In a recent interview, Khamall told us that he is in the same industry as Harvard, Yale and M.I.T. However, the main difference between them is in the people they serve. Individuals like Harvard, Yale and M.I.T. target students who are looking to become elite employees. MxM The Movement provides the tools to individuals with great ambitions of getting into the entrepreneurial space and becoming investors.

Helping Others Is A Virtue

Our company, MxM The Movement, symbolizes revolution. Out there, people need a complete revolution or change in their relationships, careers, businesses, and overall lifestyle. However, the society has always judged them, so they have no safe place to start from.

Having partnered with top entrepreneurs like Jason Awal, Matt Rosa, Jason Brown, and Alex Morton, we have created a level ground that accommodates someone with zero experience and a limited amount of money to start their own business, and someone with years of experience and lots of money.

Behind the Scenes of Your Success

Khamall mentions how he has always been the genuine person he is today. He is not someone you’ll find showing off what he has done for people. He is someone with an open-heart depicting kindness. ‘My purpose isn’t to convince it’s about educating and directing perception of what people already think they know,’ Khamall says. He adds that helping people to become independent and break their financial chains is what he believes is his purpose. Having helped many of them, he has lots of experience on how to develop individuals to gain multiple sources of income.

Sustaining Growth and Success

Khamall acknowledges God as His helper and sustainer at all times. He urges everyone to be humble and genuine. ‘I’ve seen many people touch a little bit of money and lose it because they couldn’t grow mentally, spiritually and financially.’ He says. He concludes by saying that through being dedicated, consistent, and hardworking, he will continue to thrive and grow exponentially.

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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