Nathan Weisz On What It Takes To Build A Thriving Mortgage Company

From Humble Beginnings, To Big Things

“Growing up, I was categorized as a “C” student,” says Nathan Weisz, the now owner of Weisz Choice Mortgage Group. Nathans grades were not always a direct reflection of how intelligent he actually was. He continues: “Academics were not my main focus as a teenager. After high school I had the opportunity to work in construction. After grinding everyday for a year and half I realized I wanted more out of life. I definitely could not see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

Making Moves

This was a pivotal moment in Nathan’s life that was a key factor in motivating him to pursue a diploma in general Business and Business administration, while working full time at his bank job.

“School was still a struggle for me”, says Nathan. “However, I realized now that academics does not necessarily translate into success… its the evidence of exceptional ability and being determined.” Now, Nathan says what keeps him going is his son and the desire to leave behind a legacy for him, just as Nathan’s father did for him.

Helping People Help Themselves

Nathan business is founded on his passion for helping people. They help individuals and families be approved for a mortgage. The service first time, second, or third time home buyers, those looking to refinance, looking for alternate lending, or interested in real estate properties. With access to over 65 lenders, they’re very efficient at helping people reach their financial goals.

Growing Toward the Future

Nathan says his Mortgage Company will continue to grow and succeed in five important ways:

“Firstly, focusing on providing great customer service to our clients, as I believe this is the leading goal in order to grow and succeed in this business. Secondly, maintaining our core belief which is to have a company with trust, integrity, respect and teamwork. Third of all, employing a great team is essential. All of our agents are experts in the field, they are also kind and genuine people. Those who work for Weisz Choice Mortgage Group, are here to advocate and help those with their financial aspirations. Fourthly, we will be including clients in product development such as new innovative ideas clients may have and ensuring client feedback is always asked for and implemented. Last of all, we will continue to innovate and educate our mortgage agents as well as our clients. It is important to us as a company that our clients learn along the way more about the mortgage industry. Also, it is important to us that they feel more confident and tranquil once their mortgage transaction is completed.”

Advice To Those New To The Industry

“My simplest advice would be to just not give up. This industry is challenging in regard to building a lengthy client base. This takes time and connections. In addition to patience, I’d advise anybody to work on their stress management. Working in the mortgage industry is a 24/7 job. Managing a good work and home life balance is important because there will be calls, texts, and emails that you’ll want to respond to in a timely manner.”

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