Meet Investor Social The #1 Company For Growing An Indestructible Online Presence

When this pandemic hit, North America was among the most impacted. Small businesses are sinking day after day. If you don’t want to sink, you have to swim. Mitch Conquer, CEO, Adriano Randazzo, CMO, Alessandro Randazzo, COO, and Myles Charron, CCO, of Investor Social are on a prime mission.

They are utilizing their skills to help businesses grow during this period. Investor Social has managed to lift many small businesses to not only the place they were but where they want to be. They have already doubled, tripled, and in some fortunate cases, quadrupled the monthly income of their clients’ businesses. Their method of organically growing a brand through authenticity and documentation have paid off and proven to be efficient for all businesses.

Helping Others

They have been helping their clients build impenetrable brands that will have a lasting business life cycle. “Coronavirus took out a plethora of small businesses,” said Mitch as he continues, “we take business from where they are to where they want to be.”

They have been of much help to businesses that were almost drawing due to the pandemic’s recession. “Small and medium-sized businesses are the hardest hit. However, we have authentic ways to help them recover from economic shock.”

Authentic Strategies

Investor Social creates comprehensive marketing strategies through unique branding methods and proprietary marketing software, enabling the organic growth and development of a lasting brand.

Investor Social utilizes direct target marketing strategies for various purposes intending to develop your customers’ trust in your respective industry. “We stop focusing on the sales approach and narrow down on the brand and value-add components.” Said Mitch as he explained the importance of the golden consumer trust. “We believe that making a consumer understand that they need our clients’ products/services should be at the forefront of modern day marketing.

The culture of Investor Social.

Investor Social is a relationship-based, a full-scale marketing agency. They take much pride in their clients’ business. It is their culture. To ensure that they learn the business of their clients and understand it fully. This makes them become an extension of the client’s business.

“We do not believe in the traditional outsourced marketing approach,” continued Mitch, “Creating longevity through authenticity is such an important aspect and adds to the culture and environment we develop both inside and outside of our office and with consumers.”

He concluded by highlighting one of the most important factors that have sailed them and made Investor Social grow rapidly, “We have open communication with each of our clients.” They have always been creating lasting relationships with their clients.

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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