Meet BillioTipster, Who is Currently On a 9/9 Winning Streak

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3 min readNov 19, 2020

Since 18, Alex also known as BillioTipster, a promising young entrepreneur, has spent his years around sports. He has been into betting and has benefitted from it. At some point, he could get his pocket money from betting. He got a serious interest in betting and decided to gather his attention and focus on it. He, therefore, refined his betting methods, especially in tennis, which was his favorite game.

He moved to the UK in 2017 to start an online betting platform where he would give advice and tips to the followers. The platform aimed at the French public, but he would later expand to global fans. In 6 months, he had over 20K people following his platforms, and he knew that he was making massive progress.

He is now working on a new project, “BillioTipster,” and he affirms that it will be an awesome project that will make his followers happier. Alex is now unstoppable, and nothing can stand between him and his goals.

Helping many

Alex is in a position that is involved in something that creates an impact on many people. He manages to make profits through his tips and goes a step further to help those who may not know about betting. He gives them a chance to replicate his bet.

When they place the exact bet, they mostly manage to win it, and that makes Alex happier. He also ensures that he helps people control their betting.


To ensure he is succeeding, Alex remains focused and tactful. He shares various tactics while analyzing a tennis game, “When you have to pick a player in tennis, you must get inside his mind, put yourself in his place and try to perceive his vision of the match according to what he has achieved so far in a tournament, his current form.” He starts, “There are a lot of parameters to take into account when you analyze, and the more precise your analysis is, the fewer mistakes you make.” He describes.

Alex has already experienced the first phase of massive growth. He, however, is not about to relax. In an interview, he said that he wants to grow his community and ensure everyone benefits from the platforms. He mentioned his plan to go global, and in fact, he has started. He is now targeting Europe and America.


“With the lockdown, London became boring and cold so I said to myself: why not leave somewhere, in a good environment. I decided to leave under the sun, 30 degrees for 15 days, to be in the best environment, focused and therefore provide the best tips to my followers. I was right. For 9 consecutive days, all the tips I shared were successful, thousands of people made profit, 9 tips 0 mistakes.”

“I received so many messages, people started to stake a lot of money, they were determined. People believe in me because I know what I am doing when it comes to sports betting”.

Advice to the startups

He advised the startup entrepreneurs that nothing comes easy. “Take your time to understand what it is before doing it. Then start with your means, only use extra money to bet, don’t put yourself in a bad final situation by using the money you need for your rent, your food, etc.” He concluded.



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