Mark Julian with JAN Capital Joins Upscale Partners to Help Companies Secure Up to $5M in Equity-Free Capital

The starting goal of an entrepreneur has always been to make enough money to have freedom of time, take care of their family, and be their own boss. Then the goal is to achieve 7 figures, 8 figures, and even 9 figures in their business.

Picture the life of true freedom — To fly wherever you want, to purchase any luxury vehicle, to even buy an island. Those are the fun goals. The flashy things. Now, imagine the impact you have on your family. Teaching them how to create cash flow in their lives, to help get them out of debt, to truly affect your community, provide for kids to eat healthy food, to pay for a new house to the mother that worked 3 jobs to make sure you could go to school. That’s the kind of real impact owning and operating a profitable 8 and 9 figure business can generate.

This is the achievement Mark Julian is moving towards with JAN capital. To help driven individuals create the life of their dreams by providing a board jump on the path to success.

Mark Julian is the lead developer for JAN Capital. An entrepreneur of over 30 years, Mark has been involved with multiple industries and businesses as the man behind the profits. Through the use of learning quickly, having years of experience in the US tax field, and having an unshakeable foundation of good business and ethics, Mark has turned multiple small businesses into million dollar enterprises. He is now deciding to come out from behind the counter to use his knowledge and joint venture skills to create wealth for dozens of others.

JAN Capital is now allowing all entrepreneurs to apply for joint venture opportunities by allowing the entrepreneur to find an existing business and receive funding to acquire the company. Meaning an entrepreneur will be able to step into business that are already in the 7 figure dollar mark and even to the stratosphere of 8 and 9 figures. Bridging the gap between figuring everything out on your own and obtaining that elusive 7, 8, and 9 figure mark that is usually achieved years down the road.

JAN Capital, is a subsidiary of Exlites Holdings International Inc. (EXHI) and is planning on helping over 100 entrepreneurs on their path to success. If you ever have an idea or company you see that has a lot of potential and want to acquire it, let them give you a better chance at success by partnering with them. The future of your business, the future of your family will be given an olympic leap in the future with this type of partnership.

The biggest piece of advice Mark gives with these types of businesses is to work with people you can both like and trust which is a very rare thing in today’s world.

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.