Interview With 7-Figure Entrepreneur Luca Valori

Luca Valori lives in Dubai and is an expert in Social Media Marketing and E-commerce. He is the co-founder of several brands & teaches techniques that he teaches every day to help thousands of entrepreneurs and that guarantee him international success, with sales of millions of dollars.

What sets Luca apart from others, is the Dropshipping business he offers: He makes millions of dollars with this business, and his numbers have been demonstrated live countless times to his very own community of students. Not only does he manage to make millions of his dropshipping business but he also manages anonymously a few international brands, where Luca handles the online part. “I’ve always done very humble jobs, but I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

In the past years, Luca spent most of his free time studying and learning from the most famous international experts, because he wanted to become an expert. Today, he counts more than 4.300 students, and has had a turnover of several million dollars.

In this article we ask Luca a few questions about business!

What kind of businesses do you run at the moment?

For commercial reasons, I cannot mention all the brands I have launched and that I am still managing, but I have ranged in various markets. Distinctive sign that with the right skills and the right mindset, any product can achieve great success through the internet. Currently, I am the creator of the number 1 course in Social Media Marketing and E-commerce in Italy.

Thoughts on working in the online market?

The online market is the future. Anyone unable to realize it, probably lives under a rock. It is no coincidence that the online has had a surge during the various lockdowns around the world, while many physical stores have had to close. Online is the present and the future.

Having a Purpose

For Luca, preparation is key. From his experience, he has been in constant learning and preparation, with the objective of advancing towards the fulfillment of his goals. He has dedicated his free time to study, train, and find those paths that will lead him to obtain his results.

Luca has proved to himself that his strategies were the right ones and that they would allow him to earn a lot of money through the internet, allowing him to advance with more confidence to a higher level. In addition to positioning himself as an entrepreneur, he decided to share his knowledge with others in hopes to help them step out of their comfort zones and achieve success in the online marketing world.

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