How Real Estate Expert Nick Estes Avoids Burnout & Achieved Success In His Industry!

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2 min readDec 16, 2021


For the past 17 years, Nick Estes has been following his own path. Refusing to conform to the status quo or work hard just to make other people rich, he set out to be his own boss, doing whatever it took to climb his way to success. It worked. By age 30, he had gone from swinging a hammer to building a multi-million dollar real estate business, all with no formal education or training. Now, he’s focused on passing the lessons he’s learned on to others.


“I wanted to change the trajectory of my family tree,” Nick explains. “From an early age, I’ve been on a mission to create my dream life, live on my own terms, and be able to do what I want when I want.” Over the course of a decade, Nick built his self-started handyman business and construction company into one of the largest real estate companies in his state. Today, he flips more than 20 houses per month nationwide, almost all virtually from his laptop. “I’ve built a better life for myself and my family,” he says. “Now I have the ability to give that to others.”

Distress Tips

As a coach and mentor to those starting out in the real estate industry, Nick offers detailed, hands-on advice to his clients, catered to what they are facing and whatever they may need. However, he says that much of his advice is also useful to almost anyone in any field. To avoid distress, Nick says to set daily goals and to stick to a ritual that includes affirmations. “You have to acknowledge and celebrate those small wins,” he explains. To avoid burnout, Nick suggests an efficient technique: exercising while listening to educational or motivational media, working both the body and the mind.

Successful Habits

But finding success is much more than simply avoiding burnout or managing stress. Entrepreneurs want to know how they can build their business. “Create your schedule for the following day the night before,” Nick begins. “Find the handful of things you need to do for it to be a successful day, prioritize them in order of importance, and start with those.” From there, Nick says it’s important to maximize your time by beginning in the morning. “You have to have a good morning ritual,” he says. “Read, exercise, meditate, review your goals — do whatever you need to do to get off to a strong start.”



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