How Nickforreal Was Able To Grow & Achieve Success!

Johnny Medina
3 min readOct 7, 2021


Nick, who goes by “Nick for real”, was born and raised in France. He went through ups and downs in his life. He was not good at school, had little jobs, got rejected from college, and couldn’t find his way. Eventually Nick found sports betting and became an expert, learned how to manage a bankroll, read books, analyze all the sports day and night. Although he made little profit at the beginning, he went through good and bad streaks. Nick failed countless times but kept going and never gave up. He started with $50, earned little money, reinvested and 3 years later, he’s a famous sports capper. A famous sports capper who bets $10,000 daily with an 80% win rate and he’s helping thousands of people follow his path and give them all the advice to make a fortune in sports betting. Although the huge market is full of opportunities, people need to be surrounded by experts to hope to make profit in the long run because sports betting is not as easy as it may sound.

Helping hand

Nick has been able to help thousands of people to go to the next level when it comes to sports betting. Whether it is to have an additional source of income or to completely change your life and become financially independent, Nick is ready to help those seeking reach their next level. He states that this is a passive income so even if you are already busy, it takes only 1 minute per day to replicate his predictions and cash in.


Nick is a sports betting handicapper. He has a website where he is selling monthly subscriptions that have access to all his tips, which can be found at He analyzes all the sports, although he primarily focuses on football, basketball, and tennis. Nick then locks the game and bets his money on it, then shares his picks to all his VIP so they can make a profit along with him.

Growth & Success

Nick believes he will continue to grow and succeed by developing his strategy. Finding perfection in his bankroll management as well as to improve his knowledge of all sports is what keeps him certain that he will continue to grow. He has made it to $500k, but he is still aware of the fact he will need to remain consistent. He then adds on to this by stating how keeping a long term vision will have the million come faster than expected.


If Nick were to give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be to remain patient and you will see the results coming little by little. He is aware that learning takes time, as his 10k dollar bets did not happen in 1 week. Rather, it is a consequence of learning and it paid off. Nick notices that everyone wants instant gratification and believes this is why people become discouraged. He feels no one wants to play the long game, which results in them betting more than they can lose, ultimately leading to a downfall.



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