How Djordje Novakovic Has Helped Thousands Make a Fortune In The Forex Space

Foundations Of The Empire

Djordje Novakovic graduated his bachelor degree from a renowned school in Switzerland, HEC Lausanne. It is a famous and ultra-modern university that attracts international students because of its efficacy and complexity.

He then graduated in London with a Masters degree in investment and risk finance. He later did a certificate in private equity and Venture capital. That made him gain the required expertise to venture in demanding fields like Forex.

Djordje agrees that his educational level entices him but not like when he sees that he is helping people from all over the world get involved in trading. “The certificates that I have are nice. If I want they will land me to a well-paying job. But I love it, and I am proud of seeing people’s life-changing to attain a financially stable position in their life.” He says. He describes that he feels as if he wins when he sees someone he helped get a trading broker and passed him through the technical analysis.

What does the Future Carry For You

“I am not relenting any soon on helping others,” he says. Djordje makes it clear that he has a goal for helping other retail traders in the industry. I have 2,500 people who are following me every day on the Telegram group.

He owns a few apartments, and he wants to keep investing in real estate. Having developed various assets, Djordje intends to continue developing because of the security that the domain provides.

When Did You Because an Authority brand

In that Forex industry, there are lots of dark business and spooky deals. “I have maintained a clean record for the last six years of trading. This has enhanced transparency with my clients.” He says. “I am the only one in this industry who can provide a Live Account, investor passwords, and live consultation sessions online.”

No Limits While Helping Others

After Djordje had provided most of the crucial elements in trading, he has gone a step further to offer Free trades on his Instagram. People can view their trades freely. He has gained a rapid increase in following because of his generosity. He also believes that people following him can see his evolution, and they know that they can follow him without any fear.

“I know I inspire most people because I have always displayed my numbers to them. They saw how I started trading at $300–500 then to $30,000. Recently, they should see the same me trading with over $1,000,000.” He says.

He has been always there for everyone and displaying everything that he encounters in his trading. “I have been active on a daily basis, and I never disappeared. Always sharing my WINNINGS and Lose.




Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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Johnny Medina

Johnny Medina

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.

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