Deshae Maitland pivots to success during a global pandemic

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3 min readJul 4, 2020


At a young age of 15, Deshae Maitland began to figure out what he really wanted in life. He started involving himself in the nightlife business because he was sick and tired waiting in line to get into clubs. As a result, he founded a company called Dynasty Events. His company has won the Best New Generation Promoter Award during the Toronto Nightclub Awards. One thing worth noting is that the company won this award not only once but two years in a row. The game and credibility of Dynasty Events show in the fact that various celebrities booked service from it. Just to name a few, Baka Not Nice, Hawk XO, Brad Sousa, and AR Paisley and many more.

How was the event on Friday night?

After being on lockdown for 4 months due to covid 19 it drastically affected Deshae and his business. He lost thousands of dollars due to closing his operations. However, he never gave up yet. Once they announced phase 2 in which included outdoor patios being able to open with limited capacity and social distancing being enforced. This allowed Deshae to pivot his business to success by hosting a private event for his close friends on a rooftop patio in his hometown. After releasing both events it was sold out in less than 48 hours!

What happened during the event?

People showed up from 3–9pm for the brunch and another new group of people showed up from 10–2am. They had a DJ to entertain everyone while sitting down at a table 6 feet a part from each other to follow the rules and regulations set out by the Public Health Association.

In your opinion how was the event?

In my opinion I believe the event was a success. We were sold out and unfortunately had to turn away a lot of people at the door. It was definitely overwhelming to work 12 hours straight coming out of quarantine and making sure all your guests enjoyed themselves. I handled every situation I was being put in positive or negative in a professional matter.

Awesome, where their some struggles you went through during this event?

The struggles I had is managing my time effectively was extremely difficult for me. I was taking on tasks I should’ve have and the smart thing for me to do is assign it to someone else on my team to allow me to focus on the bigger picture. Being limited to 6 people per table was a challenge because some groups were a lot larger than that. So we had to place them at other tables 6 feet across from them to enforce social distancing.

How did you overcome those struggles?

I overcame the struggles by becoming creative and entertaining people in a new way. Instead of people dancing singing and going to the bar for drinks. You could only sit down at your table and the only time you can get up is if your going to the washroom. Being able to keep people entertained in one setting for a long period time wasn’t easy. But we did it!

Sounds like a overall successful night! Share with us some of the successes in the event !

Everyone enjoyed themselves at each event and is already asking when is the next one. People who couldn’t get in will know in the future to purchase there tickets sooner rather than later due to high demand of people wanting to come.



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