Dai Fit Creates World’s First Global Personal Training Tour

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3 min readApr 13, 2022

Can you tell us a little more about this worldwide personal training tour?
Yes, of course! I put together an 11-city, six-country global tour training clients in person. It has been announced and will last for the next two months (if I don’t extend longer). The pandemic has had people in the house, and not in the gym specifically. It is time for people to get back into it, and I am here to help. Dai Fit has been global for some time now; it is only right to do a tour.

I consider myself an artist with fitness. The body is art. It can be sculpted, changed, morphed, and there’s beauty in that. I want to help as many people as possible. The mental transformation that comes from being in the gym is beautiful as well. I want people to feel good about themselves.

Where exactly are you going on this tour?

In the states, I will be going to Houston, Washington D.C., Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. Internationally, I will be in London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Barcelona. I am so stoked to go back to Europe. I might add a few more cities, so stay tuned!

Who is managing this tour?

It is all me. I am fully independent. As the CEO of Dai Fit, I have to execute everything myself from funding, travel, my clients’ workouts, executing my workouts, to even eating healthy on the road. It has shown me the difficulties of booking big trips, long trips, and dealing with the politics of the world while being safe as a Black woman. All of it has been a challenge, but there’s beauty in it. It has been just as much of a blessing. I have already met so many great people from around the world, and I have only hit two cities. I work hard to have the freedom to travel. I guess you can say I’m finally living my dream.

How does virtual training even work?

I send everyone all the information they need to know. We all use our phones daily, so I send my clients exactly what to do and provide all the resources they need via text. I also help with nutrition guidance. I am my clients’ daily accountability partner. Most people want to quit on themselves or their goals because change takes time. I assure them of their will to keep going. It is a wonderful process to coach someone through.

Although you’ve been a trainer for 5 years, Dai Fit turns 2 this year. What do you see for the company?

Honestly, it is crazy to think I’ve been training for so long already. And even crazier to think Dai Fit will be two. I just want to help more people. The pandemic got a lot of us away from taking care of our bodies properly. It is hard to have an objective view of your body to start with, so knowing how best to workout inside your limitations is where I come in. It is my job to show people they can reach those milestones for better health and performance, not just for aesthetics.

Okay, now, I know you are superwoman, but no one does it alone 100%. Anyone to give special thanks to?

Yes, of course. Support is shown in so many ways that aren’t just monetary. I have to give thanks to the people holding it down in more ways than one: My sister Ajanee, my parents John Lewis and Montiqua, and the newest addition to the family Quinci. And a HUGE thank you to all of my clients. Love y’all in real life.

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