Conquer Mortgages’ Innovative Approach Boosts Realtors in a Challenging Market

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3 min readOct 20, 2023


  • October 19, 2023*

In an era where the real estate market is experiencing its toughest downturn since 2010, innovation and collaboration have emerged as beacons of hope for real estate professionals. Mitchell Conquer, CEO of Conquer Mortgages, is spearheading this change by bridging the gap between real estate and mortgage brokers. His groundbreaking program, “Real Partners,” is helping realtors thrive in this challenging environment by providing comprehensive marketing support for free, all while fostering a symbiotic relationship between Conquer Mortgages and real estate professionals.

A Journey of Transformation

Mitchell Conquer’s journey to becoming a prominent figure in the real estate and mortgage industry started when he was featured in Forbes magazine as a real estate marketer. Prior to entering the mortgage industry, he had successfully sold his marketing and SaaS business. It was during this transition that he recognized a critical gap in the real estate world: realtors consistently referred deals to mortgage brokers, but the reciprocity was often lacking.

Seeing an opportunity to make a real impact, Mitchell Conquer decided to leverage his marketing background and create a solution. “Real Partners” was born, a program that utilizes Conquer Media, his marketing agency, to provide invaluable services to realtors. These services encompass database nurturing, appointment setting, content creation, advertising, and even securing top-tier press publications for his partners. The catch? Realtors receive this support for free, provided they choose Conquer Mortgages as their mortgage referral partner.

A Unique Partnership Model

The success of “Real Partners” hinges on the synergistic relationship between Conquer Mortgages and real estate professionals. The program is designed to empower realtors during these tumultuous times, helping them not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

Mitchell Conquer’s vision is clear: “A lot of mortgage agents love to buy their partners dinner, maybe a little gift card, but nothing of substance or anything that can add true value to the realtor’s actual business. My goal is to help my partners build their business; that’s the focus. What they do with their money is their concern. I’m just here to serve our mutual clients and create value for my loyal friends and partners through these tough times in one of the toughest industries and markets in the world.”

Tailored Solutions for All

One of the remarkable aspects of “Real Partners” is its flexibility and scalability. Mitchell Conquer and his team offer tailored packages for entire brokerages, real estate teams, and individual agents, adapting to the unique needs of each partner. This bespoke approach is a testament to Conquer Mortgages’ commitment to providing value in a challenging market.

Innovation in Action

Conquer Mortgages operates under the YourMortgageYourWay brokerage umbrella, facilitating over $300,000,000 in funding per year. This strong financial foundation enables the Real Partners program to flourish and effectively serve realtors’ needs.

Mitchell Conquer’s innovative approach to real estate and mortgage collaboration is now being recognized as a game-changer. In a market where real estate sales are down almost 50%, his program is making a significant difference, offering support, and value to his partners when they need it most.

As the real estate industry navigates these challenging times, Conquer Mortgages’ “Real Partners” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. Mitchell Conquer’s commitment to helping his partners succeed in the face of adversity showcases his dedication to both his business and the industry as a whole.



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