CoFounder Of De Novo Agency, Elliot Tousley Shares Advice That Every Entrepreneur In The Music Industry Should Know

Elliot Tousley is the Cofounder of De Novo Agency (DNA) and the creator of DNA’s Spotify outreach program. Over the years, Elliot has been in the forefront of over 300 distinct Spotify campaigns for independent artists spanning different music genres (with a total stream count of over 9 million).

In a recent interview, Elliot was asked various questions concerning his firm and how he’s taken it to the forefront of the music industry. Below are some of the crucial lessons coined from the interview session.

Standing Out

According to Elliot, the only way to stand out to musicians in the music business is by being transparent in all your dealings. When you do things differently, you become a disruptor and musicians tend to notice you. You should also strive to put your client’s interests before corporate profits.

Elliot goes on to explain that the music industry is a hoarding and cutthroat business where individuals don’t always see the value in sharing praise or resources. De Novo Agency saw this injustice and decided to go against it by giving as much valuable content to musicians who sought them out for help. Eventually, they built up trust with numerous artists and from there, their agency grew.

“We educate and inspire with our content, we don’t sell.” — Elliot shares.

Helping Others

De Novo Agency is a firm that helps independent musicians navigate the music industry, garner & analyze data to grow their audience, and turn their target audience into business opportunities.

DNA achieves all of these by working with a team of trusted experts that provide its clients with real verifiable results.

Future Plans

When asked how he plans to move on to the next level, Elliot simply said by pouring out more useful and genuine content that will help musicians scale their brand.

Soon, Elliot and his business partner, James Landry, are launching a music distribution startup called Songflowr, which offers musicians lifetime distribution for their music for a one-time payment, without collecting any of their royalties.

You can reach out to Elliot on his socials IG: @E.Tousley Twitter: @ETousleyDNA

Johnny Medina is a branding expert, and consultant who has worked with top celebrities and millionaires doing over 100M a year.