MusBriana Frapart, The Korean Music Enthusiast Managing Iconic Artists.

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2 min readNov 28, 2021

Briana is a versatile underdog based in Los Angeles, whose career ambition started with her discovery of Korean music over 15 years ago. She is now an Academy Award qualifying producer, artist manager, and casting director. She has extensive credits such as GQ Japan, Zany Bros., Warner Media, and Aputure. From Mark Tuan to Reinhardt Kenneth to Valentina Vee, Briana enjoys bringing artists’ dreams to reality and turning lofty ideas into breath-taking spaces. Briana’s day-to-day includes moving her projects and artists forward, powerlifting, and jamming to the latest Korean pop music.

How Briana Is An Exceptional Charismatic Human

Meet Briana, disrupting the norm of selfish human nature. She once mentioned in an exclusive interview that her primary instinct is to put the dreams of others before her own. Frapart firmly believes in giving over receiving. In a sometimes toxic working environment, where monsters of the entertainment business are good at convincing us that being superficial is a must, she still stands with everyone who has an extraordinary kindness to them, and gratitude is the key.

Meet Briana Coming To Your Rescue

Whether your goals are short-term, middle-term, or end-term, Briana is here to champion you. She displays various resources and possible solutions so that you can accomplish your targeted goals. Music artists seeking growth are provided with team-building tools, mentoring services, brand opportunities, business structure, content production services, integrated marketing, and many more. Creative directors, brands, and production companies receive exclusive benefits like consulting on creative, package teams, handling production from initial development through delivery, and a global scale connection for artists. Actors looking for opportunities are taken care of by casting projects and consulting career moves.

What Is Briana Frapart All About?

Story-telling and creative partnerships are the core pillars of Briana’s business. Her team is focused on advocating for cultural diversity and all interests in different spheres of entertainment. Briana and her team members focus on the production of motion pictures content works (whether scripted or unscripted), project management, talent development, and the casting of motion pictures. They also offer vast consultation services. They also manage the careers and global impacts of talent within the music and pop culture spaces. Quality time and extra effort are channeled to projects with powerful and relatable messages, diversity initiatives in content, and maximizing unique markets like K-Pop and gaming. Briana Frapart’s mission is to continue building diversified entertainment and media companies with ventures involving film, television, music, and philanthropy.



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